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If you are looking to have your kitchen remodeled and live in the Springdale area, then you have come to the right place. We have completed renovations of multiple residential and commercial kitchens in Springdale, and have a wealth of experience that we are ready to share with you.

It does not matter if you are only looking for a lick of paint to freshen up an old kitchen and match it with the rest of the house, or if you want to rip out the entire kitchen and start anew, we can do it all. We can work with you to design floor plans, pick colors, move appliances, and even run new water lines.

If you are looking for trustworthy remodeling contractors, then pick the best of the best.

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The Design Process

We can be as involved in the design process as you like. If you have plans for your kitchen, we will help to ensure that the plans are feasible, then get to work on them. If you don’t know what you would like, we can plan it with you. From functionality to complementary colors, we know what works and what doesn’t. Give us a call to get the process started.

What’s Needed to Undergo Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling will differ depending on where you live and what you want to do to your kitchen. If you are only repainting, then we can probably get started tomorrow but, if you want to move water lines, you might need to pull some permits. That can involve inspections both before and after the work is done.

Taking all of that into consideration, the most important thing to have in place before you start remodeling is a plan. Without a plan, you won’t know what needs to be done to ensure the safety of the project. Don’t worry, though, we can help to guide you through this for some of the larger jobs.

The other important components are time and money. There is no point in starting a project if you do not have the budget for it, and we can help you modify plans to help fit a budget. A kitchen remodeling is also going to take a few weeks, and up to a couple of months. You need to be able to go without the kitchen for that period of time.

3 Reasons
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At Springdale Home Remodeling, our goal is to design and remodel your dream kitchen.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to kitchens and can handle anything.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. Nobody is more experienced at building outdoor living spaces for the whole family.

What Happens During a Kitchen Remodel?

Once the permits and plans are in place, the kitchen remodeling can begin. The first stage is to remove anything that is coming out. We will get rid of old appliances, demolish cabinets, rip out floors, and even move walls.

This is also the point where we can check the structural integrity of the floors, walls, and ceilings. If we spot any problems, we will come to you with them so that everything is transparent. This is also the time for any plumbers or electricians to get to work. While everything is removed, the power and water lines can be moved too.

After that, we will start to rebuild the cabinets, replace countertops, re-install appliances, and put everything where it needs to go. From there, we will finish floors, walls, tiling, backsplashes, and other cosmetic additions. Then, we can repaint, caulk, and add finishing touches.

Even though the job is now done, we strive to ensure that there are never any problems. If something is not quite how it was promised, or if there are additional problems, call us back to make it right.

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How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen?

The average price for kitchen remodeling is around $25,000 or $150 per square foot. From this, you can see that the larger the kitchen, the more it is going to cost to remodel. You also have to take into account the difficulty of the project. Are you only repainting or are you ripping everything out? The latter is going to cost a lot more.

Most of your budget is going to be eaten up by cabinetry and hardware. There are ways to bring this cost down, but we always recommend investing in quality and saving yourself money in the long run. The same is true for appliances. It might be tempting to buy cheaper appliances, but high-quality ones are going to last longer.

Of course, labor is going to cost too, but you get the benefit of expertise, problem-solving, and experience. There can also be additional costs if problems are found after demolition. If there is faulty wiring, rot in the wall, or something else, then it can add to the budget, so keep that in mind.

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